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Commercial Cleaning Services

Keeping Mumbai City clean is anything but easy, but we at DotFree Cleaning Services are passionate about the task. With our superior cleaning services, commercial companies will never need to look for another commercial cleaning service. DotFree Cleaning Services provides commercial building cleaning for all types of establishments. We are a commercial cleaning business adamantly committed to providing only the best commercial building cleaning services and customer service. If your establishment needs commercial cleaning, Mumbai has nothing better to offer than DotFree Cleaning Services Pvt. Ltd.

Commercial Cleaning Service Options

Some professional commercial cleaning services will only offer a daily cleaning services option. However, here at DotFree Cleaning Services, we understand that you may not need commercial building cleaning every day. To offer the most convenience possible, we offer flexible cleaning schedules. With our flexible cleaning service, commercial companies can choose the cleaning options that are best suited to their needs.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Do you have one or more offices in need of commercial office cleaning services? If so, DotFree Cleaning Services Mumbai can help you keep the workplace clean, safe, and productive for your employees. We offer commercial office cleaning services that can be customized to meet your needs. Options include bathroom maintenance, interior window washing, vacuuming, mopping, and trash pickup. With this expansive array of available cleaning services, commercial businesses will never have to mop their own floors again! Don’t just search “commercial cleaning, New York” and choose the first company that pops up. Choose a commercial cleaning service you can trust to get the job done right every time.


DotFree Cleaning Services Mumba offers a flexible cleaning service commercial organizations don’t need to work around. We know that the city never sleeps, so we will customize our cleaning schedule to fit your work. Our commercial cleaning business won’t stop you from getting your work done. In fact, with professional commercial cleaning, you will be able to do your work even better! No more worrying about the carpets or taking out the trash. Simply call us and enjoy the best commercial cleaning Mumbai has to offer!

A Cleaning Service Commercial Businesses Will Love

Deciding whether to use a professional cleaning service is difficult. You may be thinking “why can’t I just clean the building myself?” While it’s true that you could, the question is whether or not you should. Your main function as a commercial business is not to clean the office. Cleaning is not the best of your time or the time of your employees. You may have to pay a little bit of money for a professional cleaning service, but think of the money your employees will earn by spending more of their time working and less time cleaning! Why should you bother with cleaning the floors and taking out the trash when the professional can do it all for you. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on the things you do best. Contact Janitorial Cleaning Services New York today to learn more about what we can do for your commercial business. We promise you will be more than satisfied with what we have to offer.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Mumbai restaurants are busy places. Employees are focused on customer satisfaction and they are busy providing superb food and the best customer service available. It is no secret that high quality and clean restaurant will bring in a lot of business but when employees are busy there is not much time to focus on deep cleaning. This is where restaurant cleaning services come in. Restaurant cleaning professionals will take care of hard work of keeping the restaurant in pristine condition which will increase employee productivity by allowing them to maintain their focus on keeping customers happy. A clean restaurant is a happy restaurant.

Benefits Of Restaurant Cleaning Services

Cleaning companies in Mumbai will do much more than the basics of keeping a restaurant clean. Hiring DotFree cleaning services will help business owners not only achieve but maintain the high health code. A DotFree cleaning service will also help restaurants be prepared for insurance and fire inspections which are required by the state. Restaurant cleaning is a lot of detail work. It can be time-consuming and when business is booming, it is difficult for employees to pay attention to tedious tasks such as carpet cleaning, washing windows, pressure washing the exterior, cleaning exhaust fans, and grease traps.

A restaurant cleaning service will take care of these things by following a regular restaurant cleaning schedule based on the needs of the business. A restaurant cleaning service saves time and money for business owners. How is this possible? By hiring professionals who have their own equipment and are trained in how to use products and equipment properly, business owners do not have to take time to train employees in care and maintenance. They also do not have to purchase and maintain this equipment which saves them money in the long run. Professionals following a restaurant cleaning schedule take these tasks so employees do not have to. This in turn allows employees to focus on the most important aspect of a restaurant business; the customers.

Office Cleaning Services

Making good impressions on customers begins by ensuring that the office space where customers are greeted is always clean and tidy. To keep a business or medical office clean requires regularly scheduled office cleaning. Mumbai City has many companies that can provide this service, but only a select few do it consistently well. Because most businesses and medical offices are open during the day, cleaning the building must take place during the night. Maintaining a professional appearance requires a good and thorough office cleaning. Mumbai City has many companies that provide janitorial services, but for professional medical office cleaning, a different kind of service may be required.

An office cleaning service must have the experience to handle office cleaning, which often involves the handling of waste in a specific manner.

Medical Offices:

Mumbai medical offices, however, also have more than just a waiting area that requires cleaning. Examination rooms need thorough cleaning with the appropriate disinfectants to remove any bacterial contamination. A typical office cleaning service may not understand the special cleaning needs required for medical office cleaning. That’s why it’s important to review the experience and background of a janitorial service company to ensure it understands the special needs and the cleaning procedures medical office cleaning poses. When hiring a janitorial service to clean a medical office, confirm that the cleaning staff is insured or bonded for added security. Because medical offices often contain costly medical supplies, it helps to know that the janitorial service uses trustworthy and competent employees. Rest assured that we can meet all of your medical office cleaning needs.

Standard janitorial services include vacuuming, dusting, the emptying of trash bins and the replenishment of toiletry supplies, as needed. If there are bathrooms in the office, these are also cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. This is all part of office cleaning. DotFree janitorial services such as ours offer all of these services and more. Hiring just any firm without checking the references is not a good idea. New York office cleaning companies and janitorial services can also provide specialty-cleaning services as needed. Ask about the special services for office cleaning. Mumbai City has many office and medical buildings that require the services of a janitorial company.

Office cleaning services usually offer contracts to customers, which can help save in janitorial cleaning costs over the length of the contract. New York office cleaning services can provide these services on a daily basis, three days a week, or on whatever schedule best suits the business. Commercial cleaning must be consistent to make the office look good and ensure regular office cleaning. DotFree Cleaning services that maintain a regular schedule and cleaning checklist ensure that an office is always in tip-top shape for the business customers.

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